Plant-Based Cheeses

Cream Cheese Spread (plain and garden veggie)

These schmears are a welcome addition to any brunch platter, toasted bagel, finger sandwich or dip recipe. The plain and garden veggie flavors are anything but ordinary.

Sweet Ricotta

A slightly sweet, almond-based ricotta type cheese perfect for cannoli or your other favorite desserts.

Savory Ricotta

Lasagna's favorite filling just got better! This almond-based ricotta type cheese can be used to top pizza, stuff shells or fold into your Nonna's sauce.

Chevre-style logs (plain, agave, cracked black pepper, fresh herbs)

Create your perfect cheese plate with our chevre-style almond-based cheese logs. With flavors such as plain, a slightly sweet agave, cracked black pepper and fresh herbs, you will have something for everyone at your next party, book club or game night.